Laura Bush: Pro Choice AND Pro-Gay Marriage?!

That’s right, in her new book Laura talks about how she not only thinks that queer people have every right to get married, but that abortion is a viable need for society, both for medical and “other reasons.”

Just imagine if she had been more outspoken during the actual presidency of G.W.Bush. What would that have looked like? I seems like she didn’t speak up out of some sort of respect for her husband, but what did it cost the nation? Imagine all those anti-choice, homophobia Bush supporters being shown that a lady like Laura, the wife of their favorite president, supported the issues they hated. It would of been an amazing educational opportunity, and they couldn’t just write her off like they can now. “She isn’t 1st lady anymore, who cares if she’s gone off  the deep end of SATAN!”
Still, I think it is great that she came out with it. I’ll admit, I’m a little obsessed with this right now, I mean can you imagine the implications? This is significant because of her visibility. She never was quite as insane or evil as Sarah Palin, but back in my baby radical days, Laura was a force to be reckoned with.  I hope that people will pay attention and see her as a model of where you can be a conservative, religious old white lady, and still not be crazy oppressive. Now I wanna know more about her politics… maybe we can make her a poster girl for our issues and throw her at our opposition, she speaks their language, she can be our interpreter…. or maybe I’m getting a little carried away. Laura, you probably won’t be doing much else for us, but maybe you will…. I will keep an eye out.


2 thoughts on “Laura Bush: Pro Choice AND Pro-Gay Marriage?!

  1. Alé says:

    I’m obsessed with this.

    Never mind what would have been or what could be… I’m obsessed with the words that are actually coming out of her mouth in this 2:44 clip.

  2. Em says:

    on the one hand, yeah, sweet that Laura Bush is apparently a middle-of-the-road liberal. on the other hand, my attitude is kind of, “well huh, one more person for gay marriage.” but since I’m pretty opposed to the institution of marriage in general, I don’t really give a fuck. on the other hand, I can’t fucking believe (and am really amazed) that she at least mildly supports reproductive & abortion rights, and that’s a really, really huge deal.

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