Sassy Gay Friend

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Special thanks to Mikayla for brightening my day with this sassy video!

This is my official declaration that I am gonna become my friend’s sassy gay friend… because some of you can be stupid bitches. ha!

4 thoughts on “Sassy Gay Friend”

  1. kdmiller says:

    This made me smile :-D

  2. Em says:

    haha my friend Patrick showed me these at the info desk on Saturday morning. totally made my day. I hadn’t seen the Romeo & Juliet one, though, just the Hamlet. and umm, I think you kind of already are your friends’ sassy gay friend…

  3. n says:

    those are cute i guess, but this constant portrayal of gay men as one-dimensional stereotypes who have nothing better to do than wait around to serve straight people is pretty fucking tired and gross. and let’s not even get into the topic of gay male misogyny and the word “bitch.”

  4. bee says:

    N said exactly what i was thinking.

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