Lounge Lizards and Ladies

Highlights from the last Dangrous Productions show in Columbus before they hit the road for their travelin’ tour of tasty…trag… aka drag. Dangerous Productions is the baby-babes of Gavin Danger, who if you didn’t already know, is kinda a big deal and an amazing mentor. He knows his shit. We are all sad to lose him and his partner to the rest of the country, but we all warned him he’d be back, cause that’s how the Midwest rolls. You always come back!


Gavin Danger and I after the show

[image: Gavin Danger in a suit, bow tie, top hat, and handle bar mustache with JAC -pink hair and brown eyes – both smiling at the camera]

The show, Lounge Lizards and Ladies, was hosted by the fabulous Miss Tamale and Goldie Peacock and featured performers from Ohio (including the Black Mondays and yours truly), Chicago, NYC, D.C., and probably a bunch of other places I can’t remember. I was thrilled to see Goldie because we haven’t hung out since IDKE back in October, so that was a fun. And Tamale and I, who are usually rushed from each other at show’s end, had a fabulous ice cream date the following day. I was psyched to be back with my troupe, no duh, I love them. I also worked out a new number for this show which I am super pleased with and it is the best outfit I have made to date. FAB-U-LOUS. I did full sewing on the petticoat skirt but the top is actually a dress I like too much to alter, so I safety pinned the hell out of it, as is my trademark in drag costuming.


[image: JAC, pink hair, lipstick and blue eye make-up in a teal short dress and a long fuschia poofy skirt that is the same color as JAC’s hair. With one hand he is holding skirt back to show legs and teal underwear with sparkly light pink tennis shoes and with the other hand holding a teal high heel with a bow on the toe and kissing it.]

Tamale has decided when she gets rich from her burlesque career (which I anticipate to be around when my activist career starts to cut the big checks) I will become her personal dresser / safety pin tailor. I did a beastly job on this dress, if I do say so myself.


[image: Tamale in a green formal dress, leg up being held by JAC who is wearing a teal short dress with fuschia sequins]

And yes, I ran around in that little outfit pretty much all night, which actually surprised me. The petticoat comes off in the number so I was pants-less all evening… and in girls underwear for the 1st time in I have no idea how long. I was actually really comfortable, maybe because I knew my outfit was supper cute! My shoes (the heels) were actually where the outfit came from, and Tucson (during IDKE XI)  is where the shoes came from. When I got the shoes all I could think was I needed ruffly butt underwear to match. So I got some, and they were a big hit.


[image: JAC in teal outfit, bending over looking shocked, showing ruffle butt teal underwear. His butt is grabbed and bitten by some attractive Black Mondays performers]

The End




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