The Other Men Project

Check out the interesting photography exhibit called The Other Men Project by photographer Ebba Schmid.

“[The Other Men Project] is to force viewers to look these men square in eye, and count them as human.”

JAC Stringer – Photo by Ebba Schmid – The Other Men Project

[image: close up black and white photo of JAC’s face showing only his right ear, right eye, nose and mouth. He is looking off to the side, smiling slightly.]

This picture reminds me of how I still have the exact same face as when I was a kid. It makes it even more curious that people tell me I “look so different” now or how old acquaintances, even old friends, don’t recognize me on the street. They just walk by like they never knew me at all… but I have the same face.


4 thoughts on “The Other Men Project

  1. Jenny Gainer says:

    You do look the same! I came across your website while looking for your sister. Congrats on all of your accomplishments in life and good luck with your future endeavors. :) I have many great memories of our childhood and think about your family often.
    Jenny (Keeney) Gainer

    • JAC says:

      wow Jenny! How wonderful to hear from you! This warms my heart so deeply. I think about you all the time too, I’m gonna shoot you an email.

  2. Sam says:

    It’s a unique mix of feelings to know someone just across the counter or walking down the street and to realize they have no idea who you are.

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