“A skilled, knowledgeable, and talented teacher who gets complex ideas across to a broad audience with warmth and a terrific sense of humor.” – Kate Bornstein

His work weaves activism, boas, art, glitter, humanity, make-up and the biggest smile that just melts your heart.” – Ignacio Rivera

“ A charming hurricane of glitter and big ideas, brilliantly accessorized example of how flexible the ways of gender can be, and how tender.” – S. Bear Bergman

“JAC’s performances are fun and magnetic. He offers his whole self with humor, honesty, and beautiful passion. His energy takes a show beyond a performer and audience revealing a unique intimacy with everyone there.” – Kit Yan

“An absolute delight, as personable and brilliant onstage as he is off. Combining the personal with artistic practice, he is a creative and provocative performer.” – Tamale Sepp 

“JAC brings a refreshing, unique perspective on the intersection of geography with identity, balancing his intellect with hyper-energized, fluorescent performances that combine glitter with a charming boyishness.” – Johnny Blazes

“I’m pretty sure JAC causes glitter explosions, sporting a head of bright pink and blue hair and sometimes dressing in a style that I can only call Lisa Frank retro chic.” Avory Faucette