Sucess at GenderQueer Holiday Show

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The Royal Renegades Radio City Hall Holiday was a big hit, and as usual the place was packed. The Royal Renegades, a Columbus, Ohio drag troupe, is one of the oldest troupes around, and by around I mean in the country. They are a great bunch of folks who are kind enough to invite me to perform in their shows. Theatrics and humor are a just as much a guarantee as some fabulous genderfucking, which makes them a particular favorite of mine.


Frank Sinatra, JAC McFaggin’ Style


More photos under the cut!

Royal Renegades Opener – The femme boys triumph in Nutcracker auditions:


And speaking of femmes…


Renegades king, Topher (right),… is amazing


The Rev, Royal Renegades wrangler, rocks the classic finale


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