MWGQ On the Radio-oh-oh

Listen to your favorite pink-haired GQ blogger talk about blogging, the Midwest, and more online at,  Anatomy of a Blogger: Midwest GenderQueer

The show premiers this week and will be the broadcast archives FOREVER, or until the internet explodes. So if you don’t get to listen to it right away, some day when you’re desperately bored and your MP3 player is dead, you can listen to me go on and on about queer stuff. And other than my somewhat awkward stumbling over trying to define ‘genderfucking femme boy’… and several other things, I don’t feel the need to run and hide cause due to extreme self-deprecating shyness. So you can listen to my pseudo-competentness. Ha! now you REALLY wanna listen, right? Freak event! HA! pun, cause it IS a freak event, both in its rarity and the presence of myself, a freak. The tunes are pretty sweet too, and from what I can tell, fabulously queer. The music also includes special appearances by the band Why? – whose artists Yoni and Josiah Wolf, I’ve known since I was a kid. Good times.

Special shout outs to Thompson, the super cool DJ who invited me on the program, Hunter Stuart of Stuart Productions!