Midwest GenderQueer, JAC Stringer, Booking Spring 2013 Tour!

Here we are again! Winter is on it’s way out, and I’m getting ready to SPRING into action with activisty presentations, performances, workshops, and more. Spots are already filling up, so don’t wait! Visit the Booking Page for more info or reference the ad below. Maybe this year, you and I can tip-toe through the trans* tulips together!

JAC teaching 2012

What leading trans* activists and performers are saying about Midwest GenderQueer:

 “I’ve had the great good fortune to attend several of JAC’s workshops and lectures. He is a skilled, knowledgeable, and talented teacher who gets complex ideas across to a broad audience with warmth and a terrific sense of humor. Please do yourself a great big favor and bring this high-fashion genderqueer wonder to you as soon as you possibly can.” Kate Bornstein

Midwest GenderQueer should be known as Super GenderQueer because he’s everywhere, doing just about everything… His work weaves activism, boas, art, glitter, humanity, make-up and the biggest smile that just melts your heart.” – Ignacio Rivera aka Papí_Coxxx

 “JAC Stringer is a charming hurricane of glitter and big ideas, so cute you can’t help listen to the smart things he says (and so smart that you can’t help think about them). A brilliantly accessorized example of how flexible the ways of gender can be, and how tender.” – S. Bear Bergman

 Offering Presentations and Workshops Including…

* Trans* & GenderQueer Allyship for students and/or faculty & staff
* Trans-Focused Activism, including policy, bathrooms, all gendered spaces, and pronouns
* Organizing Tools for students, including mediation, campaigning, and project development
* Trans* & GenderQueer 101
* Community Building and Allyship
* Gender Performance and Drag
* Gender Identity Focused Health and Wellness
* Advanced Trans* and Gender Theory
* Make Your Own!

Offering Performance Art such as…

Dance, spoken word, music, and drag, each a poetic romp through Midwest memories and musings of a genderbending femme boy. JAC uses poofy skirts and duct-tape to create adventures through bodies, ability, androgyny, and beyond. His performances have been described as “hilarious,” “mystifying,” and “sparkling.”

Check out the Booking Page today to bring me to your school or organization!

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