Gender Queeries Tour!

This Spring I will be embarking on a fantastic adventure down the East coast and into the South with two of my good friends, Johnny Blazes and Ignacio Rivera. Together we have created a great project called Gender Queeries.

GenderQueer, Gender Queeries! Glitter, Sparkle, Pop!

(I made the drawing myself! Yay art.)

Johnny is one of my favorite backstage buddies. Ze’s always good for a make up tip, and we often are the only folks in our genderfucking genderqueer ilk at shows, so we bond over that. This past October at the International Drag King Community Extravaganza Johnny and I looked at one another and said “How is it we haven’t done a project together yet?” So right then and there we decided to put something together. Ignacio and I had  been casually dreaming of doing something together for a while, and here was the opportunity. It was clear that the three of us together would be a show of GenderFucked Fabulousness at its best. We came together and glitter! sparkle! pop! Out came Gender Queeries!

Gender Queeries a collaborative performance of  each of our individual styles of performance through drag, burlesque, dance, spoken word, film, poetry and vaudeville. In addition to the performance pieces we are also doing workshops on topics like trans and genderqueer theory, gender performance, trans-activism, gender identity disorder, sexual liberation, and more!  I think this is going to be quite the show, so if you’re in Philly, Baltimore, DC, Richmond, Durham, Charlotte, or Atlanta, hit us up! If you’re not, hit us up anyway and we’ll try to come to you! You can also find Gender Queeries on Facebook!

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