3 thoughts on “Drag History Month: No boys allowed? Or is it no girls?

  1. Goddess Orie says:

    Thank you so much for writing this!!! When I heard about drag history month I thought exactly the same thing. As a non normative drag performer myself I found it offensive. However I am slightly less eloquent with words. Fuck LOGO!!!! Stay Glam! <3

    Goddess Orie

  2. Jules says:

    Drag queens get more noticed because what they do is shocking to mainstreamers. Why would any male born person give up the privileged birthright society bestows upon men and sink himself to the lowly level of female? We all know women are inferior. LOL!

    When a female born person aspires to maleness, it’s considered moving up or bettering oneself. There’s even menswear for women. But of course there are limits as to how far society will let that person go before people start to get uncomfortable. Just maintain a level of femaleness and you’re okay.

    Not so with male born persons. The instant they show any sign of femaleness, the firestorm begins. So to go to the extremes drag queens go is beyond shocking. So much so people are fascinated with it, not unlike society’s fascination with watching a star fall from grace.

    And there’s the support drag queens get from the gay community and, to a lesser degree, from the lesbian and trans community. Maybe it’s applauding their courage to put it out there without fear of the consequences. Maybe it’s just their performances, although I have seen few drag queen performances that impress me. But there’s little doubt that causing shock within mainstream society causes some LGBTers to smile with satisfaction when they see shock with mouth agape from a phobe.

    To be sure, drag is gay performance. They are not transsexuals, although there is an element of transgender, just not sure if it comes from their gender identity. And that could be another element in the fascination some have for drag queens. Is it a WTF? Maybe. But as long as it’s considered shocking to some, there will be an audience.


  3. Rachel of Boys R Us says:

    Sounds like it is up to queer performers and queer artists to start making our own history, start documenting and exhibiting drag kings. I will start by making a Drag King Calendar for 2011 :) Cheers!

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