Prostituting Politics

I just wanted to highlight Keith Olberman’s astute comments on yesterday’s Supreme Court decision to overturn corporate finance reform. What does this mean for us? The average, or more so avoided, citizen? A whole fuck of a lot. This “democracy” that we live in which is already hit several points of demise and corruption has reached the rock bottom. The system is now wide open to be bought, sold, and used as a tool for the money-filled suits who only care about one thing: making themselves richer. Communities considered ‘less than,’ which is anyone who doesn’t make 7+ figures a year, anyone who isn’t part of the norm, anyone who needs support or funds or healthcare, anyone who needs rights and access, will sink further and further from “public” interest until our needs have disappeared into the oblivion created by the now openly prostituted political machine.

“I would suggest a revolution… but a revolution against the cooperation who make all the guns and the bullets?”

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